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The Enemy Wants to Steal Potential

     We still have a full month and for some areas, full two months before children head back to school.  Already, we have lost too many children to gunfire and others to ATV or car accidents.  It is now more important than ever to cover your family in prayer.  Psalm 91 promises to cover us.  However, you do need to be a Christian, but even if you aren't and you call on the Jesus that your Mama serves or the Jesus of the lady that you work with or the Jesus of the man who fixed your car, I believe that God will show up.  He is just that gracious and willing to forgive.  He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him.

      I know that we have a lot of young parents, but you can still be young and have Jesus.  You need Him even the more as a young person.  The enemy doesn't want our children to live to be adults.  If he could stop them in the womb, he would.  You owe it to your children, your spouse and your relatives to pray for them. If you claim to be any sort of Christian, you need a prayer life.  You don't need a two-minute prayer life.  You need a rise in the morning before work and before you go to bed prayer life.  You need a getting to church on time and then coming in the middle of the week for service prayer life.  You need and if I don't pray, I might lose someone prayer life.  I get nervous when I don't pray.  I don't know what might pop off.  I realize that we all have to leave here someday.  However, I take it personally if a family member leaves under my watch.  I go back and examine my prayer life.  I have had my Mom tell me about something that happens and look at me like it was my fault.  It should not just be a few folks in your family praying.  You ought to have a family full of Holy Ghost filled prayer warriors on their knees for families.

Pray Without Ceasing

Pray in this Manner
      You need a prayer life.  Some of you may say that I have a prayer life.  You need to pray in the Holy Ghost.  We need all the help that we can get down here.  People have been saying for years that Jesus is coming back soon.  I believe that to be true.  I also believe that we are closer than we may believe.  It seems that events are taking strange turns.  I was impressed and proud when we elected our first African-American President Barack Obama.  I actually worked on his campaign in the first term.  I supported him with my vote the second term, but I was too busy trying to finish my doctorate to work on the second campaign. Then after he left office, we elected someone who never had any political experience.  I like many others thought he was not really serious about running for  President. That should give people hope that God can do anything. Sometimes, God allows certain people to be elevated to power so that people can depend on Him more and pray.  He did that with Israel when they desired a king. I really don't know God's thoughts because the Bible says our thoughts are not His thoughts neither our ways His ways (Isaiah 55:8-9).  
      I do know that there is a big difference in the moral projected beliefs of some Republicans and Democrats. I say projected because it is what we see in the media. Most Republicans are conservative and against abortion and same-sex marriage.  God is against abortion because one of the Ten Commandments states that "Thou shalt not kill" (Exodus 20:13).  Many Democrats are liberal and some promote various lifestyles that God does not endorse.  Yes, many have lifestyles that are not pleasing to God, but they belong to God and God called them to make a change.  Many times, you can't tell people about something that you have not lived or been through.  I believe that God allows a lot of people who are going to promote change to get in office. Once, you get there you must stay focused.
      I am not big on spending money on a wall.  I had to question the building of a wall. Drugs have been coming into our country for decades.  Why are they primarily coming to America?  Is it because our borders are unsecured?  Yes, people have an appetite for these drugs after the introduction, but if you don't have the supply you will have to kick the habit.  Some topics are really above my spiritual and political pay grade.  Why can't Democrats fight for a fetus just as much as Republicans?  Aren't there conservative Democrats out there?  God is looking for a change.  I know many people who I suspect are lesbian or gay.  I just pray for them.  I can't tell people what to do.  I am not perfect.  I have been in sin before. It's not a place that you want to stay in.  I know that when we leave this earth we will see God whether everyone believes in Him or not.  Our life will have already been judged.  I ask you.  Is your eternal resting place worth you trying to fit in or stay in?  One thing I do know about many who are gay or lesbian. They basically mind their own business.  I cannot say this about some others.  So, we all have some work to do. I believe that I can speak on this since I am called to teach and just because I am not teaching in a church setting don't mean that I have to be quiet.  I have people who try to throw my past up in my face or in the spirit because I can discern that.  My answer to them:  Can you bring up something that's not 20 to 30 years old because all of that is forgiven?
     These sexual issues are big topics for politics and God.  I believe Republicans get a lot of traction because of their moral compass.  I can say that I voted Republican once at age 18 for Ronald Reagan.  I didn't have anyone in my ear telling me who to vote for since I was new to voting in Memphis.  That was my first time voting.  Since then, I have voted Democrat, but I wish that our politicians would not be so liberal.  Why don't all Republicans want all Americans to have affordable or free health care?  Why is the President trying to take money from the Pell Grant program that put me and millions of others through college for free? Why are we trying to throw immigrants out who are running from corrupt and dangerous environments? Then, we got the nerve to say their relatives can't come over here just the upper class.  Unbelievable! We need new people running for office that have standards, want change, and desire to help all Americans.  We don't need people trying to find ways to keep people poor or exclude them.  Then, we try to pass laws that silence those who are called to tell it and tell it like it is.

If You Could See Me Now

My have the last few months been a world wind experience from hair.  I went from having length with potential to length with patience.  I am also praying for patience for my husband.  I think it all has to do with hair coloring.  One Saturday after going to the stylist the night before, I work up to breakage on my satin pillow case.  I told my husband that my hair appears to be extremely dry.  I texted the hairstylist a few days later and told her about the breakage.  It was so dry that I decided to do it myself.  I can do my hair but I decided to try a new product and boy things did not go as planned.  If you haven't done your hair in awhile, you might not want to try a new product.  Just use what you normally would use.  

Next, I decided to go to a hair school for my retouch that worked out okay.  I was scheduled with the same lady the following week but I had to change from Friday to Saturday because of a deadline we were trying to meet.  I went in Saturday with a different student.  I should have stayed at home in bed.  It appeared that things were going okay until she felt the need to show me what was in her combs.  It appeared that she had pulled out a significant amount of my hair.  Really doll, you want to show me that.  Even though, I tipped her and rescheduled an appointment when I got in my car.  I called and canceled.  Since then I have been doing my own hair.  I have decided that I will do it myself until I need a relaxer.  Then after a few shampoos, I realize that I have permanent color on my hair.  Permanent color for my hair is not greatly advised.  I usually get a rinse.  Permanent color

2015 is the Year of Hair

    I believe that 2015 is the Year of Hair.  I believe that all of your hair dreams will come true.  All of the shedding and the breakage that some experienced in 2014 is in the past.  I believe the bad hair salon experiences are behind us as we take back our hair.  I see long flowing sexy hair in your future.  I see healthy hair with a lot of volume.  Most importantly, I see stylists, clients and hair companies coming together for one common goal.  That goal is to protect, grow, and maintain the healthy mane that God gave.

Cheers to you and your hair!


    As usual in 2014, I made my New Year's resolutions.  I promised to promote my book more, lose weight, stay connected and finish school.  There are so many things to be done in the Kingdom of God.  I was prompted to write this post because of a message from Bishop Clarence McClendon.  There is so much talk about the end times especially with John Hagee and the Four Blood Moons.  The Four Blood Moons refer to lunar and solar eclipses that are to take place before the end comes. 

     Sometimes, I find myself trying to figure out how to minister to people since I don't have a particular title in church or anything.  I do at times try to minister to people on the job if I feel that is what I am led to do.  I feel that if I am positive to an individual that is ministry enough.  Sometimes the opportunities don't really present themselves.  I have decided that my book is a witness when people read it.

     GLORY...THE HAIR is not just a book about a hairstyle gone bad.  As one TV anchor so gleefully declared to me years ago, "This book is about relationships."  That it is. GLORY...THE HAIR takes you inside various relationships.  It deals with dating relationships, work relationships and church relationships.  Relationships are key to promoting anything.  I have found that to be true in publishing.  I have read stories on how to get an agent and how people have queried agents and when they finally get an agent it wasn't one whom they have queried.  Their information was just passed along to others.

      Completing school and working on a doctorate is about relationships.  It is about maintaining a good relationship with your major professor who will be your dissertation chair.  It is about developing a good relationship with other adult learners in your cohort.  I had promised myself about two years ago that I wouldn't be entering another type of cohort but here I am.  It seems that everything that is to be done is done by cohorts.  I know I am in my 5th cohort.  I was in a cohort when I was getting my initial certification to teach.  I was in a cohort when I decided to get a middle school certification for language arts.  When I was working on my Ed.S I was in a cohort and that was to continue on to a doctoral cohort.  I left that school and went to the U of M where I am in a doctoral cohort.  I was also in another cohort called Urban Education Center or UEC.  So, when it comes to working with people in small groups, I think I got that down pretty good.

      Families are cohorts. Churches are cohorts especially in small churches or Sunday school settings.  What exactly is a cohort?  I am glad you asked.  A cohort is any band of warriors or associates.  How many cohorts are you in or have been in?



5 Steps to Becoming a Babe

           There is a big misconception about babe hood.  Some men only think women with long hair are babes.  I beg to differ.  Many women have bought into it by getting weaves and extensions.  I am all about looking good, but why not grow into babe hood and save money.  Below, I will detail what I believe are five steps to becoming a babe.

            Feel like a babe.  If you feel like you are a babe, then you are.  A babe is often described as a good looking woman.  Men often refer to their woman as babe as a term of endearment.  Don’t go home to your husband or when you see your man and ask, “Why don’t you call me babe?”  Just because he doesn’t call you babe doesn’t mean you aren’t one.

            Act like a babe. A woman who is a babe has a certain air about herself.  She floats across the room.  She is soft-spoken.  I am trying not to be so loud.  I have to code switch from work to home.  I blame television on my loud voice and working in education having to instruct students on what to do in an authoritative way.  Understand babes are not loud.

            Do what babes do.  Babes like nice clothes.  Babes keep their hair done.  Babes boycott hair stylists who won’t properly care for their hair to help support their mission. Babes are home decorators and neat housekeepers. Babe are nice and sometimes do community service work.  Babes are trustworthy and make men desire to have a woman like that.  Babes make men get off work early if they can.  Babes make men cancel plans just to hook up with you because you have an opening. Men sometimes take on second jobs to keep babes, but babes don’t require it of a man.  It’s just something that he wants to do.  Babes wear nice perfumes that will make a man track you down in the grocery store.  Babes make men stop in traffic and say, “Who the hell is that?”  They call their buddy and declare that they just saw a “babe.”  Babes can have Halle Berry or Beyoncé type hair.  Length doesn’t matter.  It’s the air about the woman. I have seen some bald babes and they rocked. Their situation was usually due to an illness and their man still treated them like a babe.

            Babes avoid haters. Babes don’t hang out with people who tear them down.  Even if you don’t feel like a babe, your girlfriends or man can coach you into babe hood.  Sometimes babes have more men friends than anything unless they are married, engaged or in a long term relationship and want to respect their man by only lunching with their Dad, brother, son, etc.  Babes like positive energy and they hang around positive people.  Babes are positive and happy people.  Babes possess good character and people like being around them.  Babes are confident and secure.

            Babes can be made.  You can become a babe today. Look in the mirror and say, “I am a babe.”  That’s it.  That’s all that required.  You are now a babe.  Enjoy it. 



Review of Parnevu's Vita Gro


You have followed me over the last several months as I have chronicled my usage of Parnevu products.  I have used the products off and on for about 15 years.  Parnevu has always maintained its quality as a hair care line and has been synonymous with good hair care.  If you can find a good hairstylist and use these products, the sky is the limit.  I believe these are excellent products for African-American hair. I found this particular product refreshing because my hair tends to be dry because I use a relaxer and hair color.  If you are only using a relaxer you hair is not getting as dry. 

This product makes your hair more manageable the closer it gets to retouch time.  That is especially good news for me since I have a tight curl pattern.  It also helps to prevent breakage.   A lot of women can avoid breakage by having a stylist who is gentle with your hair... using a good detangling shampoo and a wide tooth comb.  A good stylist treats your hair as if it were their own.  You should do the same when taking care of your own hair.

You ca not go wrong with the Parnevu brand.  I don’t ever remember buying or in this case trying a Parnevu product and not getting the results that I want.  The Parnevu name has the reputation of quality products to back it.

Week 6 of Parnevu T-Tree Growth Creme

It has been about 6 weeks since I started using Parnevu T-Tree Growth Crème.  I have seen a noticeable difference in my hair and scalp because of this product.  It has helped me in controlling breakage, nourishing my scalp and aiding my hair in re-growing.  The picture that is accompanying this post was taken around November 18.

This is a great improvement over what I was doing.  I have always been visiting a hair salon weekly, dieting and exercising.  Sometimes, I wouldn't give my scalp what it needed which was constant nourishment. I would however always apply some sort of moisturizer to my hair.  Keeping a healthy scalp, massaging it and weekly or doing it yourself salon visits are important.

Treat yourself to some of these products for the holidays.  I would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

T-Tree Growth Creme

     This picture was taken about 3 weeks ago.  I had just had a nice black rinse put in my hair.  Prior to this photo an unnamed stylist had snipped some of my hair and put some golden yellow color or whatever on my roots.  I had the Mary J Blige look sort of which thank God I was pulling it off.
      Next weekend, I will get a re-touch.  It will have been a month since I started using the T-Tree Growth Creme.  I am also using hair vitamins and since they are not a sponsor they will not receive any mention in this particular blog post. However, they are welcome to email or phone me and we can chat about the possibilities.
       Thanks to my Native American roots my hair does grow pretty fast.  I have since come to the realization that I alone may not do my hair justice because I don't have the time and prefer to use the services of a stylist.  However, I have had stylists and colleagues in television attest to the fact that I really could do my own hair.  If I were not pursuing a doctorate, it would be nothing but a word for me to go to the Plaza Beauty School here in Memphis and learn how to do it on my own.  My nephew's sister graduated from there.  They are turning out some nice hairstylists.  This is a trade where you can make some good money especially if you have got a good heart and want to provide excellent service to women without the haterade factor.

1.A figurative drink representing a modality of thought. Those who consume it are themselves consumed by the negativity which with they speak

2. A trace vitamin that restores your ability to continue hating long after most people would give it up

3. A bevarage comsumed by haters to refuel their hating campabilities


The Power of the Tithe



            From time to time, I feel the need to sound off on topics because it is on my mind and spirit and I believe that God places it there.  The students of one of my graduate courses got into a discussion about the haves and have nots.  Of course, we really didn’t touch the surface.  Also from time to time, I will hear people refer to ministers as pimps.  So, this is their excuse for not tithing.  If the naked truth be told, some people don’t want to tithe because they just don’t want to give God the money.   A lot of times, they don’t tithe because they don’t believe in the messenger. They are greedy, feel that they need it, or the enemy has kept them so bound that to tithe might seem like the nail that will be put in the coffin.

            I would like to let you know that it is the other way around.  To continuously not tithe can put the nail in the coffin.  It can be the straw that broke the camel’s back.  The Word of God is true: Malachi 3:10-12 declares:

       Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

    And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the Lord of hosts.

     And all nations shall call you blessed: for ye shall be a delightsome land, saith the Lord of hosts.  Take time also to read Deuteronomy chapters 26-28.

            I am thankful that God has touched my heart over the years to tithe.  We keep hearing about the big transfer of wealth.  I believe that the transfer is already taking place.  It just hasn’t hit my house yet, and maybe it hasn’t hit yours.  I know there are a lot new books out that talk about the tithing.  I really haven’t had time to read those books. It is sometimes a challenge to write books, read books and study books for class. 

            I will however pull from my own experience with the tithe and tell you how God has dealt with me and I will try and share what I have learned from ministers and just challenge you to do your own research.

            I was raised as a Christian and baptized around 11 or 12 years of age.  I gave money in the church as it was given to me.  I would give money as an adult.  Once I got planted in a church in my mid 20s, I believe I started tithing because that’s what our Pastor said we should do.  I believe in what He said because I felt like he was looking out for my best interest.  At the time, I was at Olivet Baptist Church on Southern.  I would also give special offerings and believe that God blessed me because of that.  I will say that most times I had extra money.  I did buy stock and had my investment split.  It almost split for a third time, but I had taken the money out to buy a house.  The Bible says in 2 Chronicles 20:20 And they rose early in the morning, and went forth into the wilderness of Tekoa: and as they went forth, Jehoshaphat stood and said, Hear me, O Judah, and you inhabitants of Jerusalem; Believe in the LORD your God, so shall you be established; believe his prophets, so shall you prosper.

            What we have to understand is that we are dealing with humans.  I use to see the world through rose colored glasses and believed that most people would do the right thing.  However, as I get older I believe that people get off track.  They sin and they fall short of the glory of God.  I also understand that Christians and church folk put sin in different categories.  That is why it is so important to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Most folks even try to question whether or not people are hearing from God. 

From my experience God does not talk to me verbally all of the time.  Sometimes, He speaks to me through where He guides my eyes.  Sometimes, it is through the discerning of spirits.  I have heard His voice only once and no one on this earth can make me believe that I had a bad dream.  The Bible says in John 10: 1-5 I tell you the truth, anyone who sneaks over the wall of a sheepfold, rather than going through the gate, must surely be a thief and a robber! 2 But the one who enters through the gate is the shepherd of the sheep. 3 The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep recognize his voice and come to him. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. 4 After he has gathered his own flock, he walks ahead of them, and they follow him because they know his voice. 5 They won’t follow a stranger; they will run from him because they don’t know his voice.”           

            From my experience God verbally speaks to me inside my head.  I do know that He is clearing out my ears to hear from Him better.  I do know that He hears my prayers because my hearing is adjusted when He listens.  The enemy however, might curse you out.  He might laugh at you or something else.  That is not the voice of a Father.

            A lot of people lose faith in the church and withhold the tithe because sometimes you will give and then sometimes you will give emotionally. I remember when I was saving for a new roof, I literally had to leave my checkbook at home unless it was for the tithe because after my initial giving it seemed as though I was encouraged to give extra and a higher level.  No one really has to force me to give.  I believe in God and He has showed up in many ways.  You will have to wait for my finance book for me to tell you in detail about how God moves with the tithes and how He will give you a million dollar idea.  I have seen Him give someone an idea and they were not prepared.  God is not going to give constantly to people who are wasters or you have gotten so carried away I believe in your sins.  He also gives to whomever He wants and sometimes that person’s lifestyle might be jacked up, but every time some church or person is in need, they are writing a check and God can use them because they are not greedy.

            I am sure that you have your own testimony.  What I am saying to you is this, take your tithe to a local church that you believe in.  People will miss the mark but understand that judgment begins in the house of God.  If that man or woman of God does not handle God’s money in a manner that is pleasing to Him, God will handle that person.  Your tithe ensures that you will have a roof over your head, food to eat, transportation, health, and protection of your family.  We have to stay prayerful.  You have to use common sense.  If I have given you my tithes faithfully and don’t want to participate in special offerings, that is my business.  I for one don’t like to give special offerings unless there is a blessing linked to it.  I believe that God is trying to increase His people and not just the ministers who preach the gospel.  I am open to God leading me more in this area. I will confess that I love TBN or Trinity Broadcasting Network. That is some fertile ground. When we had a non-profit, I had this bright idea of the business tithing to TBN.  We started receiving grants.  I have just never been a greedy person.  I have my own specific characteristics, but thanks be to God that is not one of them.

            I have heard people say that the way to tithe is to give 20% as opposed to 10%. Saints, I really need to hear from God on that one.  I have tried the 15% and have gotten increase but my faith is not at the 20% level.  I rationalize giving 15% because I still give in other offerings.  The church is not going to pay my mortgage, utility or car note, so I have to make sure that I am managing what I have left after the tithe.  I cannot get too caught up in emotionalism.

            I think if people are trying to bully people out of extra money, that is not right and it is not of God.  The Word of God says “My commandments are not grievous.” 


              Today, I am starting my career as a blogger for health and beauty products by first reviewing Parnevu’s Leave In Conditioner for Extra Dry Hair.  I ran across Parnevu products I believe when I went to La Vogue on Madison Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee.  That was a few years back. Adrienne Williams-Roddy is the owner of the salon.  She also did my hair a lot when I was on television.  If you are looking for a color expert, she is the person.

             I used various other Parnevu products over the years off and on.  For the last 3 years, I have used the Leave In Conditioner for Extra Dry Hair.   I love this stuff.  If you are going natural, this is great for you because it will give you manageability.  If you have relaxed hair, you may want to use it a day or two before shampooing.  It will revert the hair.  It is excellent to use after shampooing and conditioning.  Before or after you mousse your hair to set it or wrap it, put some of this on and then let your hair dry under the dryer.  It will grow stronger.

            I also like using it around the edges of my hair when I have been working out.  It will make the hair more manageable and soften the edges. Around the edges is where some of us have problems.  The hair can snap from poor maintenance.

            The product is water based.  This product costs about $5.00 for a 16 ounce jar. You should be able to find it wherever Parnevu products are sold.  Use of all hair care products should be part of a healthy hair regimen whether you are styling your own hair or in the care of a licensed hair stylist or kitchen beautician.  This product will make a nice addition.


FOR EXTRA DRY HAIR http://www.parnevu.com/


The Pursuit of Babeness

      Some people think it is just by accident that they have some of the problems that they do.  In regards to hair, when you are trying to pursue "babeness" or simply trying to be the best you can be and as fly as you can be, you will encounter problems.  Hopefully, this blog entry will help us to surround ourselves with people who feel the same way that we do.. that longer healthier hair rocks.

     Sometimes, I have to reflect back on when my hair was what I considered to be at my best.  A lot of the times, I had popping hair but it was at a cost.  Usually, I had to sit somewhere for several hours to get the ultimate hookup.  When you start pursuing degrees or you may have extra responsibilities that is no longer an option.

       I felt inspired to write this blog after shelling out $70 for hair.  I was a little shocked at the price, but I had already added up the services and it should have been about $15 dollars more.  After getting in my car and taking a closer look, I realize why I got a deal.  I believe home girl snipped off more of my ends than requested.  So now, I will have to go the way that some of my other friends have gone.  I will have to have one hair dresser for styling like relaxers, shampooing, etc and one for end maintenance.  In this instance, I will just cut my own ends.  If I need a new hair style, I will probably have to go somewhere else.  Being responsible for clipping someone's ends is a little bit too much power for some folks.  Could it be that holding a pair of scissors is like drinking a half bottle of Jack Black?  I don't know.

        Nevertheless, it was my fault for not watching her like a hawk.  Next time, I will have to just say no. I actually have enough experience to clip my ends.  It doesn't take a rock scientist to do that.  You don't have to spend money going to a hair school to do that.  I have friends who do their own relaxer and they will never step foot in a salon again.  You really can't blame them since styling hair is too much power for some people.  I know folks with gorgeous locks who are now going natural.  Is it any wonder that a lot of stylists are losing out and many hair companies are selling even more products because some folks are choosing to do it themselves?

        I sort of wish some of these stylist would wake up.  Your salon will stop looking like a deserted island if you just give people what they want.  I suppose just having the money to go on some trips every now and then and having a nice vehicle and house is enough.  Why not strive for being a hair care entrepreneur who is really getting paid?  I hope that I won't have to do what other friends have done and just start doing my own hair period.  I don't have a problem when it comes to shampooing etc.  Keep watching this blog.  I will start adding hair companies who are sponsoring me and my book GLORY...THE HAIR.  I will also start reviewing products from hair companies.  I don't plan to give free shout outs.   Why should I?  They are getting my money anyway.

The Truth About Hair in America

   Hair is an issue that has been on my mind since the mid-90s and I have been wondering what can I do to help women who are constantly trying to help themselves, but still get shafted. The year 2013 will be a pivotal year for America as we will either have four more years of leadership from the first African-American President or there could be someone different with more conservative views. No matter what happens in the White House, we will still wake up with issues concerning hair. I would challenge you who receive the newsletter, and have the hair thing down to share your success stories with me so that I can share them with our readers. 

    There are exciting things in store for GLORY...THE HAIR in the next year and for competitive copy cat reasons, they will not be revealed in this newsletter until they happen. Just know that after sharing this information, you will feel even more empowered. According to Stylelist, women will spend over $50,000 on their hair during their lifetime. Others say the hair care industry is a $50 billion dollar business. Look at your television, look in magazines, look on billboards and just surf the web. Hair rules. Taking care of your hair is a preoccupation. Coloring, relaxing, shampooing, and styling hair is serious business.

       Let us not talk about weaves. I believe that the reason why a lot of African-American women are having problems all of a sudden with hair dressers is greed. Some hairdressers will over process your hair or damage your hair just to make sure that you have a weave or a wig. They make more money with sew-ins. This is something that some Americans don't have to worry with. They can wash and go, and get their hair clipped every 3 months. Don't get me wrong. I could use some extensions. I just don't want any.

    I like looking nice, but if I can't really spend a lot of time on my hair I am not going to spend a lot of time on a weave. Everyone from celebrities to authors sport weaves on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with that. However there is nothing wrong with a person not wanting to have the upkeep of weave or wigs because they don't have time, money, etc. Please hairdressers don't sabotage your sisters because they are cute, in shape, got a man, have a nice job, etc.



Excerpt from GLORY...THE HAIR

Troy gets into his Jeep and gives her a wave and waves at David. The ride from their house is about a 30 minute drive to his place. Troy flips to a gospel station. The pastor of the New Friend in Christ Baptist Church is starting a sermon entitled "Do As I  Say And Not As I Do."

       "Preachers sometimes get a bad rap," yells the minister. "Can I get an Amen?  People expect us to be like angels. But, little do they know that when you start stepping out for Christ that's when all the trouble starts."

        "Amen, Amen," goes the crowd.

       "The devil is not going to bother you when you're out there in the world acting a fool.  You are not a threat. But if he sees that you are trying to do something productive with your life, that's when he comes after you. If he sees you're trying to build up the kingdom of God, be prepared because he will throw whatever gets your goat at you. You all may have heard the story about the news anchor Shelly Cunningham and how she gets wrapped up with a minister name Rex Billingsley. 

"How Long Do You Stretch on Relaxers"

I recently started going to a new hair stylist at JcPenney's salon.  My manicurist at a different location actually recommended her.  I was looking for someone who wouldn't a) over process my hair b) maintain the style and color that I want c) wouldn't take me to the cleaners in the price department.  I found all 3 with Mrs. Valarie Smith.  She is from Decatur, Alabama.  I have heard some communication about stretching your hair in times past and not using a relaxer too frequently, but for whatever reason it really stuck when she discussed it.  She told me that in order to achieve the length that I wanted I would need to stretch between relaxers from 8 to 12 weeks.  

The Trayvon Martin Case

     We have to make sure that justice is done for Trayvon Martin.  This is a senseless killing and it could have been any child of any color in America. As an author, it is sometimes important to take a stand on issues even if it means jeopardizing book sales.  In this instance, we are talking about a young man who cannot stand witness for himself.

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